Keynotes 3

I’m in the fifth day of a writers’ workshop at the Joiner Center at UMass, Boston. I’m also on the ninth day of the Master Cleanse. (Please, no disparaging comments. Does this thing have spellcheck? Hmm… pretty sure it doesn’t. I don’t think “spellcheck” is in the dictionary. What if I didn’t take my computer today? Nope. I think I’ll need my Iraq pictures. I want to go to the gym but I don’t know if I have time before the first workshop class starts at 12:15. We don’t have our regular class today, just group classes open to the whole workshop. I’m in Nahid Rachlin’s fiction writing class.
I wonder why people who hate gay people hate us so much. I mean I thin k I know whey they do. I think they learn it. I think everyone behaves based on their life experience. It’s just so difficult for someone like me to understand. How can people be so heartless?

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