Here’s my letter to a friend of mine who, like so many has lost his job and is having a hard time finding a new one.  He’s thinking about starting a small business in his garage.  I wish him well and I do, as y’all know believe in miracles.  We could use some about now.

I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling. I grew up working class, the son of two union member parents who were children of union member dads and stay-at-home moms. Organized labor was such a threat to the wealthy elite they had to figure out a way to convince a major portion of voting, poor Americans that unions were the downfall of our economy. And they bought it. It’s always been so strange to me to here people praise God and Capitalism in the same breath. When people talk about raising “capital,” they’re talking about raising money. Therefore, “capitalism” is just a tricky euphemism when you drop the other word in. “Moneyism” is what they should call it. You’re joblessness, the unholy way your former employer is treating you and the incredible uphill battle guys like you an me who aspire to start small businesses from the ground up to compete with multi-million dollar corporations (who import everything from countries where people, out of desperation, work for slave wages) is the product of years and years of a system that moves all the wealth TO THE TOP. “Trickle up” economics has killed our nation. The saddest part of all of it to me is that the masses marched like lambs to the slaughter behind the greedy few just because they publicly claimed to be Christians and spoke a familiar language. The ignorant, undereducated throngs lapped it up like dogs. It’s all part of a very well thought out, very well executed plan. Even now, a major part of our nation is enraged at the idea that we might actually help some sick people who are shiftless and lazy and (insert all the other familiar epitaphs here). I would hate to stand before the Man in the end and beam proudly that I was too smart to be tricked into helping people that didn’t have the same shot at life that I did. I HOPE that someone tricks me into helping them too much. I’d rather die poor than greedy. (I Timothy 6:10) All you’ve got to say to many Americans is that you won’t let the Mexicans in, you won’t let women have abortions and you won’t let the queers get married and they’ll let you starve the masses and bomb the world. It’s not like we weren’t warned.

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