“and the richest man in the world…

… is the one surrounded by friends.”
That’s a line from “The Eyes of Babylon.” Is it arrogant to quote your own work?
I just wanted to send out a little thank you for letting me have my meltdown in such a public way on my blog yesterday. I’d been watching too much political news and the financial hard times had me on the ropes. I know I sound more crazy than I am (hopefully) most of the time. I think in a weird way it’s part of what keeps me sane.
I also wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you who are stepping up to help out financially. I can only continue doing what I do as an activist and an artist as long as good people like you continue to cover my six (USMC talk, there. Sorry. NO I AIN’T! haha)
Okay, so clearly I’m still a little punch-drunk but I know we will all get through these hard times together. This work is about all of us and for those humans who will come behind us. We owe this good work to them and to ourselves.

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