Watch Your Mouth!

Okay, so I hear it a lot (sometimes in response to my blogs or my Facebook postings)  so if you think I’m singling you out because you used the term, I’m not.  Like I said, I hear it a lot.  Plus, I’m probably talking to myself as much as anybody ’cause I’ve used it myself and I want not to.  What am I talking about?

Please, from this moment forward commit to never using the term “has balls” to mean courageous.  And if you slip up (as I sometimes still do) just commit to saying to anyone who might have heard you use it, “You know what?  Scratch that.  I have a commitment to not using that term any more. It implies that you gotta have testicles to be courageous and strong and that’s just not true.”

RuPaul says that all the political correctness is killing the culture and maybe she’s right but this doesn’t really have anything to do with being “politically correct.”  This has to do with my intention, as a man and as a human, to be an ally to women in the looooong struggle to overcome oppression.  Misogyny is so weaved into our culture it’s there even when you don’t notice it.  One doesn’t have to “have balls” to be courageous.  In fact some of the most courageous and strong humans I’ve ever known don’t have “balls.”

Maybe the new expression needs to be “I wish Congress would get some ovaries.”  Nah, that’s man hating and man hating is DEFINITELY not the way to female liberation.


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