Morning Madness and Mums

“Follow your inner moonlight. Don’t hide the madness.” That is the “Literary Quote of the Day” on my Google homepage. It’s by Allen Ginsberg. Of course. I’ve stopped questioning why his name or his work keep appearing in my life. Perhaps he’s one of my spirit guides. Or perhaps he’s a famous poet and I’m so goddamn egocentric, I make common occurrences into magical metaphysical interventions. One’s got to survive somehow, yeah?
I woke long before dawn today. I think I had to pee. I tried to slip to the bathroom slowly and quietly without waking up my brain, but I must have kicked the ironing board that Adam left standing in the middle of the bedroom floor. The bastard woke up and started running laps immediately. My brain, not Adam.
So the Ginsberg quote; I just happened to glance up and see it before I clicked to open Word. (I’m going to type my blog in Word from now on before transferring it to WordPress to avoid a reoccurrence of the tragedy…
I just spent an hour or so “proofreading,” okay, I basically script-doctored the Marine’s paper for school. I thought I had turned my Google chat off so people couldn’t get me. Marines are good at breaching impenetrable perimeters. “Hey Dawg, can you please take a look at my paper. You’re a good writer.” (This blog would not be admissible as evidence in the case to support his assertion.) I took a decent piece of non-fiction and made it shine. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m good at. Most everything else in life I can’t seem to manage; all the “big boy” stuff. I have $0.00 in my checking account, $4.78 in my “free extra checking” (that was supposed to be my “business account”) and $3.00 in my savings. I would feel rich if I actually had this much money but I’m actually…
Okay, I’m back. I just spent the last twenty minutes ironing Adam’s shirt. Yes, I can iron a shirt in less than twenty minutes but I’m a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to way my husband looks traipsing around the medical school. He’d come in here to the kitchen to kiss me goodbye wearing a shirt that looked like it was made out of …
Will you look at that. Here he comes back with a pot full of mums.
I was wondering where he’d disappeared to. “I just wanted you to know how much I love you. I know I say it every day but it starts to sound the same.”
What was I saying? I don’t know, something about madness.
It’s time to go get ready to leave for work. Gotta teach the kiddies to read.

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