Settling In, Waitin’ for the Storm

God, it’s so great to be back in my own bed.  Adam’s dad (who’s also our landlord) had a new furnace put in while I was in New York and boy does it work great!  And just in the nick of time too because we’re supposed to get the biggest blizzard Utah’s seen in years tonight.  I don’t know if it’s going to happen though.  It looks pretty mild out there right now.  It’s only Sydney, Dennis, Papa and me tonight.  “Papa” is what our pets call Adam.  Willie’s off with his PawPaw out at the duck club.  Mike figured he’d probably get snowed in out there and he needed a huntin’ dog with him so they could sustain themselves.  My father-in-love is the biggest mountain man I’ve ever met.  He’s the real deal, boy.  If you were ever out away from civilization in a snow storm, this is the guy you’d want with you and yes, that’s him in the colorful apron in the photo.  He’s at home in the kitchen as well, a real renaissance man.  Since Adam had taken the truck to Crossfit this afternoon when Mike came to get Willie, Mike just came on around back to the sliding glass door to get Willie, not knowing that I had just settled in for a long Winter’s nap.  I woke up to see a large man with a beard and coveralls staring in through the back glass.  I nearly pissed myself.  (These moments are the reason Adam won’t allow me to keep a gun.)

Speaking of Adam gave me a very nice welcome home tonight and although my time in New York was outstanding and I’m getting so excited about the play, for tonight I’m glad to be staying snowsy-cozy from the storm with my awesome family in our great little home on the mountainside in Utah.


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