Lentils, “Transgendered”, and To


I’m amazed (and kind of pissed) that Final Draft 8.0 spellchecks “transgendered” as not being a word. That kind of frightens me about what kind of scripts are NOT getting written. But since I found this out, you can bet that I’m one scriptwriter who is.

As if my work at the psych hospital and my very full class load weren’t enough, I’m writing and directing a solo show for this incredibly talented young man named Steven To. Remember his name. You’ll be hearing it again. This will be a short version of what I’m thinking will probably get fleshed out into a longer piece. The current version is for his senior project. He’s a quadruple major in Theatre, Chinese, and… I forgot the other two, something like Astrophysics and Theoretical Mathematics. (Yeah, poor kid’s dumb as a post.) He also finds time to teach Tai Chi and Kung Fu on the side.

Steven’s not transgendered. He’s not even gay. I say that not because it should matter really but because he pulls off both with relative ease in this show where he “transitions” between four different identities.

I’m immersed in a re-write tonight so this is all we’ll have for a blog. I’ve got to dive right back into the script. I’m trying my best to blog each day; mostly because of the encouragement I’ve gotten from so many of you to keep it going. I really appreciate that, by the way.

My sweet husband’s in the kitchen making us homemade lentil soup for dinner, even after he’s been in surgery all day. I am a very, very fortunate man. 

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