The Heart of Dixie Continues Its Proud Civil Rights Record


Judge Roy Moore gained national attention by refusing to remove the ten commandments from his Alabama courtroom. When I heard somebody say that he was now the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court (an elected position if I’m not mistaken), I was waiting for the punchline. Apparently, he is the punchline because it’s true. Something else that’s true is that late this evening, before same-sex marriages were to begin tomorrow morning in the state of my birth, this yahoo has ordered probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Now here is where I would normally launch into some rant about the stupidity of the South and how goddamn glad I’ll be to be leaving it on Tuesday— some kind of snide comments about how Alabama has always been a beacon of equality, freedom, liberty and justice so why should that change now— something about the “proud, forward thinking history of the State of Alabama with regard to Civil Rights”— tout some intelligence statistics or point out some of the more bizarre commonly-held beliefs down there– but actually, I just don’t have the energy. In fact I’m sort of happy this clown has chosen to step into the center ring again. Here’s why:

The Black Civil Rights movement needed assholes like Bull Conner and George Wallace. The rest of the country needed famous faces to put to the ignorant ideologies. It was part of moving the nation forward. If we had waited on the voters or the government of the State of Alabama to end slavery, afford suffrage to women or blacks, desegregate schools or public businesses, we’d still be waiting. This state, like many others including Utah (another former home state of mine) is run by a religious theocracy. Although most Alabamians will stand and get all quivery-lipped when Old Glory passes, most of them do not understand nor do they care to try to understand the real principles on which this country reputedly stands— principles like “equal protection under the law.” They approach their politics like the approach SEC football, they know who their team is and to hell with the rest. The pious peckerheads that people the government of the “Heart of Dixie” (there are grateful exceptions of course,  bless them) will never do the right thing until the Federal Government of this great nation forces them to. It has always been that way and it will be that way until the Rapture happens— in other words, forever.

See y’all tomorrow.

See y’all tomorrow.

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