Instead of Posting What I Had Started

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I’m going to actually have to go to sleep and continue writing what I was going to share with you as the blog post tonight tomorrow morning. The structure of that sentence should tell you why. I’m bone tired and I just want to make out with my pillow for a few hours before getting up and jumping back into the ring. I’m feeling very positive these days. Things haven’t been going according to my plans and schedule but apparently Howard has some other ideas in mind and as it turns out I’m getting help from all sorts of unexpected sources. I can’t help but think He’s arranging it all. Is it a problem that Howard is a He? Don’t worry; He can as easily manifest as a She when She wants but it’s not really been revealed to me what Her name is. Of course there’s El Shaddai which I’ve always been told meant “The Breasted One” and therefore was a Hebrew name for G_d that was feminine but when I just Goggled that to make sure, Wikipedia told me that it meant “the destroyer.” Hmm. Wikipedia is always right and never has any un-factual information on there so what the fuck? Not that a female god couldn’t be a destroyer but I thought the whole point of the whole “The Breasted One” bit was to speak to the nurturing nature of God– God the Divine Mother. Edwene Gaines was the one who said that. Ima have to get in the truck and drive up to Mentone, Alabama right now and confront her, see what she has to say for herself.

The reason I’m so tired (other than the fact that I ran the wheels off it today including getting some work done, taking Mamma to the oncologist in Tuscaloosa, and kicking my own ass at CrossTorture today– sorry, I meant CrossFit) is that I got on a conference call with Nancy Fulton tonight where she was giving a talk on some of the essential things involved in seeking investors for business ventures in the Arts. I’d intended to hop off that call after a half hour or so and write the blog but she was so engaging and informative, I ended up staying until the end. She was speaking mostly about film production but the principles she was covering could also be applied to works designed for the stage. Do you know about Nancy Fulton? She’s a general baddass. You should stop reading this right now and go check out her site. And to make sure you do (or at least to not give you any excuse to tarry here any longer right now) I’m going to log off and put my weary ass to bed.

See y’all tomorrow.

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