Savage Jump

IMG_6731My body feels like someone took a baseball bat and hit me 102 times, not at full swing but from, like, two feet away but pretty much everything they have at that range.

I also have the sensation that my body has been plugged in to about 30 volts of low vibration, constant electrical current.

The funeral happened.

I can’t be still. I mean, there should be a better expression for that– we call know “I can’t sit still” as something relative to hyperactive kids. This is not that. This is— I hurt when I try to be still. I wish I could put the laptop on a strap and walk around typing like I was tapping on a snare drum.

I’m having doubts and second thoughts about everything, starting in 1965.

I have to try to go to sleep. “Danger, Will Robinson!”

See y’all tomorrow.

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