The First Person I Want to See in Heaven

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I don’t even remember writing last night’s blog. When I read the title “Savage Leap,” I thought I’d been hacked– zero memory of that title, fitting though it may be. That’s further evidence to me that my writing comes through me and not from me.

I am similarly tired tonight so I’ve decided to post the video Krystle took of what I had to say at Mom’s funeral as my blog offering today. (click link below) Then I’ll turn off the light and go to sleep. I’m sleeping in Mom’s bed tonight. I can still feel her with me.

After everyone had left the sanctuary yesterday, I told my friends and family, “I’ll be right back. I forgot something.” I walked up to Mom’s closed casket and just said, “I don’t think I can do this without you.” I heard her say, as clearly as if she were standing beside me, “You don’t have to.” I had been holding her hand fan, soaked in Channel No. 5. I opened it up, turned to walked back down the aisle, stuck out my arm for her to take (she always loved to walk holding my bent arm) and together we walked out, as I bathed us both in her signature fragrance.

See y’all tomorrow.

Click here for video.

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