Get to Bed!

Photo on 8-5-15 at 9.45 PM

There’s an incredible thunderstorm going on right now in America Junction and I’m determined to let it lull me to sleep. This one’s gonna be brief. My workout partner worked through the night last night and had to bail today. Instead of doing legs on my own, I did some presses on the Smith Machine to rehab a rotator cuff injury and then knocked around with some calves and traps stuff. We bumped legs to tomorrow morning but I’ve got to be in there and ready to go at 06:30 which means I’ll need to get up at five if I’m going to do morning pages and meditate before we lift. I was going to tell y’all about the cashiers and the hugging and the handshakes that went on tonight but that will just have to wait until tomorrow. Remind me if I forget, okay?

Y’all go ahead and get some good rest tonight to, yeah? We have a lot to get accomplished in five days before we hit the road for a month on our spiritual journey.

Much love to you. You got this. No problem is bigger than the Creator’s power to help you navigate it and since the haters didn’t give your joy, they sure as shit can’t take it away. You have a Marine Poet in Alabama who’s pulling for you. Rest well.

Oh! Here’s Jolene calling to say goodnight. She says to send you sweet visions from the West Coast on the Oregon Trail.

See y’all tomorrow.

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