The Devil Stole Friday’s Blog


I can’t seem to recover the mysterious missing blog from yesterday which is not only a little frustrating but also mildly hilarious since I think I began the previous day’s blog with bragging about how I was pretty tech savvy when I set my mind to it. Oh well, I’m just going to let it go and beg your forgiveness. Thanks the handful of you who sent me the “where’s the frickin’ blog?” messages. It makes me feel wanted and needed.

That being said, I might should start thinking about this next month with regard to the blog. I’ll actually be on The Playa at Burning Man when the “year to live” ends. For those of you who joined us late, I was going to decide on September 1, 2015 if was going to chose to keep going and if not, I was going to off myself on October 15, my 50th birthday.  First I figured out that, no matter how shitty things were, I couldn’t be that big an asshole to do such a thing to the people who cared about me so the goal changed and I set out to find better reasons to want to live that unrecovered codependency. I decided to keep the original time line alive as a way of keeping the steaks high. Okay, back to now– so I’ll be at Burning Man for almost two weeks. Our group is going early and staying late. I wont’ have any access to electronics out there but I’ll be putting pen to paper so I’ll likely share with you some of what I write out there when I get back.

I’ll also be going on a Vision Quest in Vermont for four days so I’ll be away for the computer and all electronics during that time as well. I’ll remind y’all right before these two “dead periods” happen. (Interesting term given… well, y’know.)

I find myself having a urge toward quietness as this month-long spiritual pilgrimage begins. I’ll also being seeing some plays when I’m in New York which is, for me, a holy act. I expect that things are going to be very different for me after this trip.  I’ve been talking to Eric Estenzo, the Marine who saved my life in Iraq. It looks like there’s a possibiliy that he and I (and a small collective of other artists) will be roommates once again in tThe City of Angels. Those of you who have been with me for the goals setting stuff know that it is my dream to live between both those cities that I love (NYC and LA). RIght now, it looks like my earning potential is higher in LA so that’s most likely where I’ll end up after this trip. I’ll come back to Alabama of course to see what I want to take with me. Chad and I will keep this house and will it to the next generation of Keys.

Okay, whew, the blog is written. We’re just going to call it a wash on yesterday’s with my apologies.

I feel like this was a shitty blog. Please don’t be mad. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

See y’all tomorrow.

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