In the Air Above Ohio

It’s a miracle. I actually, finally, found the wherewithal to put what I think I might need over the next month into a two large Marine seabags and all the Burning Man stuff into a box and give the box to my brother trusting that he will ship it to California for me and the rest, after several attempts of switching shit back and forth on the curb by the airport in an attempt to make each of the seabags 51 lbs., which is just enough over the limit for the cool curbside checkin guys at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to “let it slide”, we (“we” being the BHM groundcrew, I had little to do with it) put them in the belly of the comfortable, Southwest Airlines  Boing 737-800 that would soon take me and all my gear (except for that which my brother shipped for me (to the tune of $86.26– dang!)  to Midway where, after a few hours I began to wonder if they planned to leave me– but finally, after a couple of “tease” boardings where everybody got up and stood in the cattle line only to be told to go sit back down, they let us cows on the plane and we are currently zipping along towards New York at 39,007 ft above sea level at a near-lathargic 594 mph. They really can’t get me there fast enough. I worship New York City and I will, as is my tradition, kiss the ground when I get there.  Part of me wants to just say fuck it and move back to New York now instead of back to LA first which is the current plan. I’m holding on to all these “plans” very losely at present because the real purpose of this month-long journey is to get the spritual clarity I need to decide what the next, right step for me is. I’ll go to theatre in New York (Mecca), Vision Quest in Vermont, Burning Man, and then to a sober convention in Palm Springs (that part’s still tenative). Then it will be back to the homeplace in Alabama to pack in preparation for wherever I move next. God will give me guidance on this pilgrimage. I’ll follow directions. 

See y’all tomorrow. 

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