My Salvation


I will say this simply and quick. I haven’t blogged in a while because I’m not quite certain where a blog, which has been a painful and sometimes embarrassing unburdening of my most secret thoughts, should go now that life is different for me, happier. I will return to writing in a way that is meant to be shared with the public soon perhaps; in fact I already have as I daily pour myself into the scripts, poetry, and prose which I intend to publish. It’s just not shared daily as was the blog during that year of our daily visits because that’s not the way that writing works. Trust me, the work continues. I am writing and I am happy.


What prompted me to post tonight is this: I must say something about what I see happening in the country of my birth, especially with regard to political banter and, to some extent (but to a lesser degree), with regard to popular culture:


Although there is so much about me that doesn’t fit into what most people think about when they think the word “Christian,” I can tell you that, during many a long walk through the woods behind my house in Alabama when I was a boy, the things that happened inside my heart– a communion with that Great Mystery which created me and also with this man that I had been taught about, Jesus, changed me forever. Because the ways I came to relate to the pursecusion he experience and his response of love and forgiveness, I came to count Jesus Christ as my savior. And I wanted to love like he did. I still do.  I wanted to forgive like he did. And I wanted triumph over hatred like he demonstrated. And no matter how much my country seems to have given itself over greed– to the idea that material wealth through the exploitation of the very earth itself and also the exploitation of those born less fortunate– and to how much it succumbs to the idea that revenge can somehow be re-contextualized as a “just response to ‘terrorism'” or simply “defending our own,” I will never relinquish the teaching of my savior Jesus as his words have been recorded in the Bible. Although I fall short of his dignified grace each day, I know I’ll die saved by that grace. I’ll die knowing that our enemies are of our own making, that the very best we can do regarding our enemies is to forgive them seventy times seven each day and to show them our good will in the face of their hatred. To kill is murder and all murder is suicide because we are all One. Violence only breads violence– even if delayed. The worship of power and money is the most insidious addiction there is no matter how much it has been sold to you as virtuous and there is no greater treasure than Love.
I would guess that ninety-nine percent of those who call themselves Christians would look at my life and consider me among the lost. But above all blessings I’ve received in my life, I count that grace that I found wandering in the woods of Alabama as a boy, a peace that passes the understanding of religion and politics and carefully crafted philosophy to be the greatest give of my life. And if I die knowing that, I will die at peace.

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