Eggs; Pressed Down, Shaken Together


Yesterday I went to the Dollar Store in Parrish to get bacon, eggs, orange juice, and coffee. I’d been out of town for a month and there was nothing to eat at the house. I like to let the cabinet and ‘frige get empty before I travel so the food doesn’t go to waste. When I swiped my debit card to pay, it was declined. I knew things were getting bad but I didn’t realize how bad. The woman behind me stepped up with her card and said, “I’ll pay for it.” I was so stunned, I just stood there looking at my phone. I said, “That’s hard to accept.” She smiled and just said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m happy to do it.” I thanked her again and took my groceries home to put in my otherwise empty refrigerator.

Two days earlier I was at a Dollar Store in New Orleans and the young woman in front of me was short two bucks. She was going to go home, get the money and come back to purchase the items. Of course I said, “No way. I’ll just get it.” See? I did it. The same thing two days earlier.
It is not only “more blessed to give than receive” but it is also, at least for me, a lot easier to give than receive.

My groceries in Parrish two days later were $13; the lady’s in New Orleans were only $2. I’d say that the amount was insignificant and it is only the intention and spirit behind the giving that is important but I actually think there’s a powerful spiritual message having to do with the amount. If “money is only a representation of energy” as the spiritualists would have us believe, then the “energy” amount that I put into the system by paying for that woman’s food at the Dollar Store got “Pressed down, shaken together and multiplied” (Luke 6:38) so that when it returned to me two days later it was more than six times the amount.

I think that both occurrences happened in Dollar Stores so I wouldn’t miss the lesson. It wasn’t the woman I helped who would go on to help me, it was another woman. But it was the same energy at work: a loving generosity toward another human and a simple desire to help.  That’s the way it works.

The infinite power of the Universe, or, if you prefer, God, is always there to reward us with more than what we give. If we will only give. Our blessings often come from sources different from where we “paid into the system” but when we’ve given our time, money, energy, and love it does come back, “pressed down, shaken together and multiplied.”

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