Marines Take the Hill


Well so far it’s working, the blog I mean, at least for one of its purposes which is to keep myself in close proximity to the Word at least on a daily basis and to keep myself accountable and organized around all I’m trying to accomplish at present, accountable to me and accountable to you, anyone who might possibly read this because from this end I’m offering an open-hand contract for you to be a confederate to me in this mission. This mission is to save the world through my art and to take as many veterans with me as I can.
Tomorrow at noon I’ll fly to DC. I don’t want to go. But the Marine part of me (that’s a pretty fucking big part) knows that I have to go. I’m going with a group of about sixty other veterans who are all speaking to members of Congress in favor of impeachment. At this point I don’t really give a shit so much about partisan politics (I am not registered with any political party) as I do trying to find out if and how we could possibly all march forward together with about half of us hating the other half. And, in the meantime, I am bound by oath to defend that which I said I would defend.
I’ve just been on the road for a month with Warrior Writers which was absolutely amazing but I’d really like to just sit on my ass for a week and write at home. After DC.
I also have some kind of health concern thing which if I thought it was super serious would be at the doctor right now but there seems to be some kind of obstruction in my GI track. In my mind I see it as some kind of herniation where large amounts of food get stuffed until the hiccups (I’ve had them for most of three weeks now) force me to vomit which actually seems to hit the reset button on the whole system and I’m basically pain and hiccup free—but then I get hungry because I puked everything up. So I eat and the hiccups are back and the whole thing starts all over again. Ha! I’ve become that gray-beard dude that starts all his visits with you with his health concerns. There it ends, I promise. And I promise I’ll see the doctor when I get back from DC. Which brings me to what I really wanted to talk about, this action in DC. This action, planned by Common Defense, is actually several actions over a few days. Thursday is a press conference where some of the veterans will speak and others available for interviews. We’ll be present around the impeachment proceedings and that’s all I’ll say about that for now. We’ll “bird-dog” Republican Members of Congress to challenge them on why they’ve sided with a draft-dodging rich kid who sent someone to die in his place in Vietnam and against some of the greatest living military strategy geniuses, the growing sea of Admirals and Generals who sees and says as all we of reasonable intelligence, “This man has no business leading the nation’s military.” We’ll “good-dog” some of our allies in Congress who have stood on the side of impeachment from when it first was warranted or have since joined the light.  The bird-dogging is the one that makes me most nervous. Not that I’m scared of these punk-ass white boys, I’ve been dealing with their asses since Parrish Elementary. I’m more afraid of what I’m going to feel inside my body. When I have to stand there and look at these little frat boy fuck ups knowing that they know that I know that they know they don’t believe the bullshit they’re peddling. I mean it is an insult to me and anybody else who’s ever worn the uniform for these little cocksuckers to be bowing down to this ego-driven ass clown who shoots from the hip when it comes to defense strategy and military policy. You want to know what pops out the other side of the equal sign when you do that math? Lives. The lives of our brave military and the lives of the innocent people geographically unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire of America’s next military/economic endeavor.

Wow. Thanks for that. Here’s where all that goes. The blog. I have to remain non-violent and coherent. I’m not there to ask them out on a date. I reckon this Eagle, Globe, and Anchor seared into my heart buys me a minute of their time if they’re going to, election cycle after election cycle, ride the Red-White-and-Blue Pony of Jingoism in the that three ring shit show we call Congress talking about how much they love our nation’s military and, let’s face it, everybody loves the Marine Corps a little bit more.  So they’re gonna hear from a Marine. They’re going to hear a point of view they might not have heard before.
Thanks to those of you who have been so supportive of this effort. And to those of you who were quick to start listing reasons why our mission is ineffectual, fuck you. No seriously, you may judge our tactics as misguided, only time will tell who’s right. But I know one thing, I’ll be able to look back at this shit storm in American history and say, “What I did might have been stupid but by God I did something.”
Some people say you should live in a way that in 800 years people are still burning you in effigy; I think I’d rather be forgotten in one generation but that my work help people for ten.
I’ll write you again tomorrow from the nation’s capitol.
There’s work left to do and room yet for more who care. Welcome aboard.

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