At the End of the Day on Top of the Hill


I said I’d do a bit of blog each day and so this is my keeping of that commitment. I’m wicked tired. I spent the day “bird-dogging” Republican members of Congress encouraging them to come on to the cause of impeachment. The ones who are holding the party line with all-of-a-sudden say, “Now we have new information” when Trump goes to the gallows but for today they (mostly) remain cowards. I have a solid minute with Lindsey Graham after she took a look at me, heard me feed her an ingratiating line (“I see how mercilessly you’ve been dealt with in the press!” That does two things: make them trust you by making them thing you’re on their side and remind them they’re on one side at a time when one side is going down.) After he’d figured out I was there to call him to count, he was on his way but not before I shouted (and I know he heard me) “You got a bit of Cheeto dust on your lip there, Senator!” That would have to be the highlight of my day.

My (Marine) roommate  and I are back in my room and I’m ready for bed. 05:55 start tomorrow. He’s a straight guy and we’re not here to make romantic connections anyway but I’d be so happy to think that there’s a gay version of him out there just for me. He really is a perfect man. The world needs more like him. I need more (almost) like him. I need one (almost) like him.

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