Something in the way of a blog.
I promised last night to talk about why I started the blog again. I promised to let that be the subject of tonight’s blog. I tend to ramble off the rails when I write, same when I talk. It’s just the way my brain works and some people find it annoying and some people find it reassuring. I do care.
Last night, at the end of a long day, when I’d manage to put up “something in the way of a blog,” this cat I hadn’t heard from in a minute hit me up on Facebook messenger. In fact I thought he might have peace’d out based on my recent political action and/or my vulgarity. Turns out he’s still around. We “met” on social media because he shares the same name. His name is “Jeff Key” too.  I don’t remember how it happened. Perhaps one-to-many had messaged him and told him how he deserved to die as an enemy of the State and a traitor. I’ve gotten a fair amount of that over the years. But he’s seems a fellow of intelligence and integrity and he’s even tried to help me with my writing problem. He suggested “the Pomodoro technique,” He cares. Google it. He’s trying to help. I need it.
Anyway, after a while of not hearing from Jeff Key, last night he took the time just to send a little encouragement about the blog. It came at a good time. We’ll just leave it at that. Thanks to my namesake for drawing me to the keyboard tonight.
I started the blog again to let you help me be accountable.
I have one of the most interesting and unusual lives I’ve ever heard of and I guess my dream job would be to continue to live this bizarre and unusual life, document it through the blog, and somehow sustain myself through it. ‘not been my strong-suit.
I met with some folks from the Wounded Warriors Project. I looked them in the eye and told them I wanted their arts funding money to support my idea of giving PAID internshps to veterans during the entire page-to-stage process of the production of Lilac and Liquor.
Brian Cranston what’s to “do something with the vets” here at Bastion. Brian Fucking Cranston.
I sat at the table with Sean Penn and Robin Williams at a Haiti fundraiser after I’d finished the play. I wanted Robin Williams to—I said that already.
Brian Cranston should play Tennessee Williams in Lilac and Liquor.
He’s win a Tony.
Not that it’s about the award but he’d win a Tony.
So. Accountability. Tomorrow when you read the blog, if I don’t say I sent the email asking Brian Cranston to read my script, you call me on it, yes?
That’s all I got. Night.


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