I watched the Democratic debates tonight from my hospital bed here at the VA in New Orleans. While some of the candidates differ on methods regarding how to get where we all know we need to go, anyone with any kind of moral compass and even reasonable intelligence will certainly agree that the poorest among the lot would be a thousand times better than the disaster in the White House at present. Therefore, at this point I’m just desperately hoping that the Democrats choose the person who will be able to defeat Donald Trump and to be honest I’m not yet sure who that is. We must choose wisely; we must preserve our Constitution and rid America of this pestilence. Otherwise, the Republic will not stand. Parasites don’t care that they ultimately destroy that on which they feed, they simply go on to the next host and begin to feed again. I have rarely seen humans who I believed were beyond redemption but I honestly believe he is psychologically incapable of doing anything other than feed; he is biochemically addicted to greed and lust for power and sadly it will only end for us when he is gone from office and for him at the point of his death. I still don’t hate him any more than I would hate another sick person. Remember he came from a family dynamic that drove his brother to suicide and from a family lineage centered in theft and trickery. Also remember that he disappeared from the planet today, his followers would remain. We must not quit the fight. Too many brave Americans gave their lives for this country. It is a disgraceful disregard for their sacrifice to stand idle and do nothing as King Baby destroys our democracy. He is already the laughing stock of the world, we must not let the world become confused and think he actually represents America rather than an undereducated and/or evil third.

The procedure I’m having done tomorrow is a simple one and I’m sure everything will go smoothly. Still, it is an extreme act of trust to let oneself be put to sleep and allow them to go inside by body. I have that trust– in those who’ll be working on me and in the benevolent force that created me. No matter what happens, I will be absolutely fine. I know that.
Tonight, I spent about an hour talking on the phone to a brother who deployed to Iraq with me. No, that’s not quite right. Hard as this may be to believe to anyone who knows me or follows me on social media; for most of that hour I listened. He spoke about his time in the Marine Corps from the “yellow footprints” to his last day serving as an active Marine. He held nothing back and I will never forget the earnest passion with which his words were conveyed.  It is so very important that veterans stick together and listen to each other. It was imperative while we were deployed; it is imperative now.
Is there someone you need to call up at listen to today?

Please pray for me as I take my little health nap tomorrow. I’ll see you on the other side.

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