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I’ve seen ten films so far at Sundance 2020, three today. I’m just home now from seeing Save Yourselves tonight at Rose Wagner. Don’t worry, I’ll recap (not review) what I’ve seen. I might wait until the end to do that. Yesterday I spent most of the day in Park City. I went to the Queer Brunch at the Outfest Lounge. Outfest is the queer film festival in Los Angeles. I’ve long held a grudge against them but I reckon the turnover in board members and leadership means I can now let all that go. I do quite like Damien Navarro, the new Executive Director. My grudge came from the fact that when Semper Fi: One Marine’s Journey came out and was being screened at festivals all over the US and in a few foreign countries, Outfest chose to snub it. I don’t really give a fuck about it for my sake although I’m sure it sounds like bitter ego bullshit, but it was a movie about a Marine who served under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell during a war that was still going on! I hate the politics of the entertainment industry and I know that personal politics were involved. I’m not supposed to know that but I do. I’d said “no thanks” to the advances of an older man who was promising to “help me” and was in a position to do so. That’s happened to me a few times in my life. When I hashtagged the telling of another one  with #metoo I was attacked by a woman who told me “that’s not for men!” I felt like I was back standing in that dark classroom and it was happening all over again– salt in an old wound, insult to injury. I hope she’s enjoying her newfound toxic masculinity. Mine nearly killed me.  Moving on. I’m pretty sure the party responsible for the Outfest gaff is dead or near dead anyway so why would I possibly worry about that now?

I enjoyed my lovely brunch and cocktails on Outfest’s dime yesterday and I loved all the wonderful people I met. Outfest is doing good work in the world; I intend on supporting them as much as I’m able. I hope my talking about when I got Weinsteined won’t fuck up future chances. I trust it won’t.
I spent the afternoon attending panels where they talked about everything from the persecution of LGBTQIA+ folk in Chechnya right now to what “queer cinema” is and what is the state of it in 2020.


I passed out at the keyboard last night around 1:30 am. Looks like some old wounds were opened up and I was putting the midnight oil on some axes I had to grind.

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” Anne Lamott
Writing is healing. Tell your story.
Today, I’ll see the screening of Welcome to Chechnya. This is one of the films I learned about at the panels. It will be a hard film to watch but it is important, especially for us in the US to watch. As frightening as times are for Queer Folk in Trumpistan, we need to realize how much worse our siblings have it in other parts of the world and to see what we can do to help.
Time to have a second cup of coffee and hop in the shower. We’ve got a world to save.


(pictured above with Artist, Activist, School Teacher Dusty Childers)

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