Love in the Time of Corona, Part 19 “A Dance on Bayou Saint John”

Sometimes in my new life I feel like a tiger in a cage. I have to get out. I wear a mask and I stay far from folks and I bike two miles to this big meadow in City Park and I and dance. I dance and pray. I use the super nice Bose ear buds Max and Jen gave me. People who see me can’t hear the music I’m dancing to but still I dance. The responses yelled from open car windows vary but they all seem to be happy I’m out there dancing. I tell myself they know why I’m doing it. They don’t hear the music but the see the dance. That is a powerful metaphor for my life. I see and experience a lot of wonderful things on my pilgrimage each day.
For the past couple of days, I’ve also been stopping off by the bridge over Bayou Saint John. Yesterday it was to watch a fisherman pass underneath the low bridge on his kayak. “I’d spit in your path for luck, brother, but I reckon that’s not healthy anymore so good luck!” When he’d passed on under I thought since I was already off the bike I might as well dance another prayer over there. I think it was it was Khia. Today it was Lil Pump feat. Lil Wayne. He’s from here, you know. Lil Wayne, not Lil Pump. He’s from Miami. Wait, I was talking about how, how… hmm. Cats. You know, my cats sit by the window and look out. Outside insects and the occasional bird make them long to be out there and sometimes Ruth with jump four times here length into the air and turn a flip in the air trying to catch that something that the invisible glass keeps just out of her reach. Boy, can I relate to that one. Now I can fully empathize. The reason I can’t let them go out there is because it’s not safe. It’s not safe for me to “go out there” like I usually do, running the streets of New Orleans and wherever an airplane can take me. Except for my daily bicycle pilgrimages to the park and a few laps around the block on foot each day, I just stay my ass at home and Facetime with my boyfriend in Los Angeles. Sometimes we just sit in silence while I work and he walks around Silverlake.
And relate to the cats. Don’t all these cats in captivity feel the same longing. I learned from The Tiger King that there are more tigers in captivity in America than the in the wild. There’s not even a way we can fix that. They’ve been overbred in captivity. It’s not just like we can set ‘em loose! Why do we have to mess up everything when it comes to nature. It’s almost as if if there’s a way we can injure the planet we will. Well she’s shaking us off right now and we will either learn to live in symbiosis or we will perish. The planet is already healthier since we are staying out of our fucking cars for a minute. 
I’m building and planning for when it’s safe to go back out into the world and rub up against each other. Who knows how long that will be. Who knows when the next pandemic will appear. This is not the last one you know. Sorry. I want to be part of building something positive that works for everyone and not just the few. We can do that. This is our moment. If there’s ever been a time and circumstance that has shown us that what we are doing ain’t working it’s now.
It will soon be time from Matthew to wake from his nap. He runs the electrical grid in real time for the City of Los Angeles. He works through the night. I remember my dad working “the hoot owl” shift when I was a kid down at Gorgas Steam Plant. He was helping generate and distribute electricity to people I love while I slept. Funny I ended up with a man who does the same.
Nite y’all. Stay safe.

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